The Grip Systems Range

Grip Systems

Grip Systems as a company is committed to providing our select packaging distributors with a wide range of unique products that have lock-in with the merchant and end user, quite simply giving select packaging distributors an ‘unfair advantage’ in a highly competitive market. Not only are the products unique, they are also heavily protected through patents and design rights, this in turn adding even more value to the products.

Grip® Dispenser

Grip Systems' GRIP® stretch film dispenser - with a lightweight, ergonomic design that makes it the ideal tool for fast, efficient and effort-free packaging

Grip Film

Grip Film is the unique self-gripping stretch film specially formulated to give you faster wrapping, with minimal effort and a strong and stable strapping for pallet stabilisation

Grip Hook

Grip Hook is the ideal solution to keeping your Grip dispenser within easy reach anywhere in your warehouse

Grip PaperFill

Increase productivity and reduce wastage with our 100% eco-friendly void fill and strong yet versatile steel dispenser