The All New Grip® hook

The handy GRIP® hook - always there to take the strain

Everything you need to fix GRIP HOOK is in the box, Fitting is easy...

Now storage is always a key point in any warehouse, which is why Grip have the Hook, a unique blend of plastic with a robust design with many viable options for securing to racking, any metal surface and forklifts! Furthermore, all the tools are provided for you, in order to make sure that you can secure your Hook wherever you need to!

Everything you need is in the box...

We even include the screwdriver

Fix Grip Hook to racking

The adjustable hooks (included) will simply slide into most racking systems

Adhere Grip Hook to smooth flat surfaces

Extra strong adhesive pads and and extra strong glue ensure a firm hold

Robust glass reinforced construction means Grip Hook is built to last

We know ho unforgiving the packaging environment can be


Grip Hook

Keeping your Grip Dispenser at the ready

Where to buy Grip Hook