The Stretch Film Dispenser


Unique lightweight + ergonomic design - stretch film dispenser.

The Grip Dispenser weighs in at less than 1kg and with it’s tensioning mechanism, the film can easily be layered on the pallet rather than having to stretch the film as usual. Furthermore, due to the dispenser’s unique design and unique function we have secured both a patent on the dispenser’s function and design rights on the looks of the dispenser. Now, just after a couple of years on the market, Grip is used and endorsed by some of the UK’s most recognised household names, Home Bargains, Travis Perkins, DHL, and Aldi just to name a few! Abroad?! Not a problem, as a company, Grip also sends its goods far and wide across the world and is having major success in many regions.

Super easy twist lock tensioning

Changing rolls has never been so easy or so fast

Secure - Non-slip core retention

The Gripfilm's robust core is designed to interface seamlessly with the GRIP® dispenser

... and to set the perfect tension...

Simple, just twist the GRIP® twist-lock mechanism. GRIP® lets you effortlessly wrap any pallet of size.

Rapid roll change system

The unique combination of the notched film-core and the twist-lock retention mechanism allows you to rapidly remove and replace used rolls in seconds

GRIP® Stretch Film Dispenser in Action

GRIP® Stretch Film Dispenser

Innovative pallet wrapping technology

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