About Us

Grip Systems

Here at Grip Systems, we design and create all our products with the operator in mind. With a focus on improving the efficiency of your operations, we have a range of different products that work together as a system to maximise your packing process.  

Our Grip Film Magnetised Dispenser System was introduced when we recognised how much time and effort it required to manually hand wrap a pallet, whilst posing a serious health and safety risk on the user. The Grip film system is proved to be 40% more efficient that traditional hand wrapping methods, not only in time but also in film consumption. The tensioning mechanism on the top of the dispenser enables the operator to tighten the film application to create a more secure, consistent wrap, guaranteeing load stability. The user-friendly design significantly reduces the risk of injury and greatly improves the health and safety risk when wrapping pallets.  

Grip is constantly developing new and more sustainable products, including the launch of our Core-Collection recycling program, and 100% eco-friendly products. We are very excited to see where our sustainability takes us next.